Kitchen Krashers

The Story

   Toward the end of the Game Art program at Full Sail University, students are integrated into the
Game Development degree. Game Development, Game Art, and Game Design Masters students mingle
and mix into several teams under one studio name, but each work on unique titles. Our team was
Atmosphere Games, because we rise above the competition. With our powers combined, a rag-tag team
of 4 artists and 5 programmers designed and developed Kitchen Krashers from scratch, in 5 months.

   During the first week, teams come up with detailed design pitches for two titles.
One is chosen by the staff and pre-production begins.
Our title was Kitchen Krashers, a wacky take on curling, involving ants in a kitchen,
and tons of competitive fun.

   After the pipelines were established, work begain crafting this unique title. 10 weeks of real production
time flew by and before the team knew it, we were presenting Kitchen Krashers in an auditorium full of
people. The entire process was full of unique challenges and set backs, but great victory as well.

   Kitchen Krashers has been regarded as one of the most unique entertaining and unique games to
surface from Full Sail's final project.

The Game

   Kitchen Krashers puts a new spin on the traditional sport of curling. Play alone or against your friends
as one of 4 ants in an abandoned kitchen. Crash, bounce, slide, sweep, and score your way to victory
on 3 unique and challenging levels. Be immortalized with high scores for each game type.
Kitchen Krashers is competition you’ll want to get swept up in again and again!



Game Pitch
Beta Presentation
Gold Presentation (part 1)
Gold Presentation (part 2)


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