Hello, I'm Andrew. I'm currently living in Washington and for Microsoft in their newly-formed Xbox Entertainment Studios. We're trying to do some cool stuff with television. In my spare time I'm working on a top-secret cool thing with some friends. We made a company called "Tiny Tempest," but that's not important just yet.

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in early 1990 to Jim and Anna Gleeson. I have an older brother, Courtney; a twin brother, Christopher, and a little sister, Rachel. My early years were mostly spent watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and climbing trees.

I started programming basic HTML websites in middle school and branched out to simple PHP forum installations and modifications shortly afterwards. By the time I was in highschool I had made my way into digital art and design in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I spent the next few years painting and photo-manipulating away until it came time to go to college. This presented a peculiar problem for me as I never really developed a single style during my artistic endevors; instead, I used many different styles depending on my mood.

Instead of persuing a career as an artist I decided to focus on programming and keep art as a hobby. I've spent last 5 years programming in C++ and C#. I make games and love it.