Kitchen Krashers

    Kitchen Krashers is a party game for up-to 4 players. It plays like a combination of putt-putt and
curling. In each game, players are given 5 "stones" each and take turns launching them down the level.
They can score points by picking up "sugar bits" and bouncing off of objects and earn a multiplier
bonus if they land close enough to the goal.

For more information, check out the Kitchen Krashers page.

Dress 4 Success

    Dressed 4 Success was made in Flash over the course of a single weekend; 26 hours, to be exact.
It was made by a 6-person team for the Global Game Jam.

The Bird

   The Bird is a simple game that was made in roughly two weeks for a class. Quite simply, the goal is to
poop on people; as many people as you can. Poop all over them. Naturally, this angers some of them and
those people will throw rocks at you because they are angry. Do not get hit by those rocks.
   Can you make it to the fish-in-a-barrel level and get a highscore?